Aïgos team, volunteer for the improvement of biodiversity in the hills of Bogotá

Optimization of Sanitation Systems
July 23, 2019
Use of hydromorphological indices for the evaluation of water quality
September 24, 2019

After had marked World Environment Day 2019, on June 5, implementing a small seedbed in the Aïgos office, a few months passed and it was time to wonder where we were going to transplant all those Curubos, Arrayanes and Chicalas seedlings that we had been sown.

In our free time, Aïgos team, with other volunteers, have been developing activities that promote the increase of biodiversity and the management of water and soil in the Natural Reserve and collaborative transformation laboratory “Umbral Cultural Horizontes” belonging to the Cerros de Bogotá Foundation (www.cerrosdebogota.org).

The activities under development include:

  • Control of invasive vegetation such as Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus L’Her), Japanese Acacia (Albizia julibrissin) and spiny broom (Ulex europaeus).
  • Incorporation of amendments in the soil, with domestic organic waste and pruning, to prepare the planting of native species.
  • Implementation of a runoff water management system to favor water infiltration, reduce soil erosion and increase water availability time for plants.

These small actions demonstrate the passion and commitment of the work team and the other volunteers for the environmental improvement of the hills of Bogotá.

Thanks to Foundation Cerros of Bogotá’s team for having welcomed this large volume of positive energy on its property!

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